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Gym operation during COVID-19 pandemic

  • We comply with all Federal, State and Local Government guidelines.

  • We keep small group sizes. Our class sizes and occupancy limit are based on State regulations.

  • We deep clean gym every night.

  • We sanitize equipment regularly.

  • We advice every student and parent to read CDC Guidelines and NJ Guidelines associated with COVID-19 spread.

  • If you feel sick, please stay home.

  • At any point if your child/ren experiences any COVID-19 symptoms, you have to alert us immediately & keep them home.

  • Upon entering, you have to sanitize your hands and your temperature will be checked.

  • Due to occupancy restrictions only one parent/guardian per child is allowed to enter waiting area.

  • Masks wearing is optional for vaccinated parents and participants, and mandatory for unvaccinated people in the waiting area.

  • It will NOT be mandatory for child participants to wear a mask while out on the gym floor.  Due to the nature of gymnastics, we feel that wearing a mask while doing gymnastics might be difficult.  Some may feel that it would restrict their ability to regulate breathing while participating.

  • All students have to bring water bottle.

  • We advice to keep social distance if appropriate in the gym area. Social distancing is mandatory in the waiting area.

  • There are multiple hand sanitizing stations in the waiting and gym areas, please use hand sanitizers every time after you use equipment or touching personal items.

  • Child have to sanitize hands upon entering and leaving the gym area.

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