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Alexandra Zanina

Junior Olympics Head Coach, Recreational Program Director.

Alexandra is a  Russian National gymnastics team member and Russian National team coach, she was performing artist with Cirque Du Soleil for over 5 years.  Her gymnasts are always being top 3 in State NJ Championships, multiple of her athletes qualified for National TOPs. She has an associate degree in Business and Administration and she is in the progress to pursue her bachelor degrees in Business and Administration. Alexandra has strong knowledge in gymnastics  strength and conditioning, technique development and choreography. 

Oleg Morev

T & T Head Coach,
Functional Strength Coach.

Oleg is a former Kazakhstan National Acro Gymnastics Champion, World Championships Participant, National Acro Gymnastics Team member and a National Competitive Judge. Oleg also was a performing artist with Cirque du Soleil.  Oleg has BA degree of Physical Education and Sports Coaching and AAS Degree of Physical Therapist Assistant. Oleg specializes in sports conditioning, strength training and injury prevention. Oleg has strong knowledge of body mechanics, teaching strategies, children psychology and physiological development, tumbling techniques and safe spotting.

Alexandra Zanina

Recreational Gymnastics instructor

Julia Reagan

Recreational Gymnastics Instructor

Sarah is a School Counselor during the day who loves teaching gymnastics on weekdays and weekends. Her love for gymnastics started at a young age and she took her passion into competitive cheerleading for 10 years. Sarah has experience coaching cheerleading, and working in fitness and gymnastics gyms. She loves working with young gymnasts and teaching them new skills and watching their growth. 

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