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You don't know where to start? We offer multiple options for gymnastics classes based on your availability, child age, interest and skill level.
Pre-school Gymnastics:
duration: 45 minutes or 1-hour
ages: 18 month - 5-year-old

We teach preschoolers the foundation of gymnastics skills. The classes are designed to introduce young gymnasts into beam, bars, vault, tumbling, and floor skills training.


Parent and Me, Jumping Jacks, Jellyfish, Mixed Novice

Girls Recreational Gymnastics:
duration: 1 hour - 1.5-hour
ages: 6-year-old - 15-year-old

We continue teaching young gymnasts more complex gymnastics skills. The classes are designed to continue mastering skills on beam, bars, vault, tumbling, and learning basic gymnastics choreography.


Girls Novice

Girls Intermediate

Girls Advanced

Boys Recreational Gymnastics:
duration: 1-hour
ages: 5-year-old - 8-year-old

We introduce boys to the foundation of men's gymnastics. We help young athletes to develop core strength, flexibility, and coordination all required for performance on men's gymnastics apparatus including pommel horse, high bar, floor, vault, and rings.


Boys Novice

Boys Intermediate

Boys Advanced

Tumbling (Recreational )
duration: 1 hour
ages: 8-year-old - 15-year-old

Tumbling classes are designed for cheerleaders, dancers, and boys & girls that just want to tumble! We will teach students cartwheels, round-offs, back handsprings, aerials, and more.



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