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If you would like to take your child's gymnastics to the next level, at Astro Gymnastics we have knowledge, equipment and passion to help young athletes to compete, win and become Achievers.

*All team trials are by coach invitation or coach's recommendations provided following the evaluation.

Competitive Programs :

The Women's Developmental Program (USAG):

Dedicated to nurturing exceptional young talent with aspirations of becoming distinguished college gymnasts, scholarship recipients, and esteemed members of the USA National Team. Our program is tailored to individuals who begin their competitive journey as early as 5 years old. Our comprehensive training regimen encompasses conditioning, choreography, and mastery of all four gymnastic events: beam, bars, vault, and floor. Gymnasts in this program maintain a year-round commitment, engaging in rigorous practice sessions four to five times a week, laying the foundation for their future excellence in the sport.

The Women's Xcel Team (USAG):

Our Xcel program provides a unique platform for gifted gymnasts to engage in esteemed competitions while maintaining a degree of flexibility in their training hours. This allows them to pursue other interests and activities alongside their gymnastics training. Open to girls aged 5 and above, this program offers a heightened level of challenge for those seeking to compete at a higher level.

The Xcel program at our center is designed to foster individual growth, skill development, and competitive success within a balanced framework that respects the diverse commitments and interests of our gymnasts. Through structured yet adaptable training, we aim to nurture well-rounded athletes who not only excel in gymnastics but also have the opportunity to explore and pursue their passions beyond the gym.

Trampoline and Tumbling (USAG):

Our Trampoline and Tumbling (T&T) program invites both boys and girls with a keen interest in elevating their skills in trampoline and power tumbling. This program is designed for those aspiring to compete on both the national and international stage. Athletes commit to rigorous training, engaging in 3-4 practices weekly throughout the year. These sessions encompass a comprehensive approach, incorporating conditioning, mobility work, and focused training on the specific events: Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline, and Rod Floor.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that participation in our T&T program offers aspiring gymnasts the opportunity to potentially secure scholarships at the college level. This opens up exciting prospects for furthering their education while continuing to excel in the dynamic disciplines of trampoline and tumbling.

Through this program, gymnasts have the opportunity to refine their techniques and compete at increasingly advanced levels, fostering growth and excellence in the exciting disciplines of trampoline and tumbling.

Home Team Program:

Our Home Team Program is tailored for gymnasts seeking a distinctive competitive experience. Participants benefit from a specially designed, custom uniform, exemplifying our commitment to excellence. This program is defined by its unique standards and rules, setting it apart from conventional competitive tracks.

Unlike traditional programs, we emphasize a team-building approach, prioritizing camaraderie and mutual support. With a reduced competitive schedule of 2-3 hosted events annually, there is less pressure and more focus on individual progress and team cohesion.

In the Home Team Program, we create an environment where gymnasts can thrive, fostering a sense of pride in their achievements and a strong team spirit. This distinctive program offers a dynamic and enriching competitive experience for all involved.

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