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What makes Tumbling a unique sports ?

Tumbling is a unique sport that sets itself apart from other athletic disciplines for several reasons. In general, power tumblers can reach impressive speeds, often exceeding 20 miles per hour (32 kilometers per hour) during their passes and fly up to 15ft above the ground.power tumbling is unique within the realm of gymnastics and tumbling due to its intense focus on extreme acrobatics, the use of specialized equipment, no artistry is incorporated in scoring with only emphasis on technical execution. It's a discipline that demands exceptional power, speed, and precision from its athletes, making it distinct from other gymnastic disciplines.

The main piece of equipment used in tumbling is the tumbling track. The track is 82 ft long by 6 ft wide. The track is sprung and padded to assist the gymnasts during their pass.

Before the tumbling track, there is a run-up area on which the gymnasts can generate speed before

beginning their pass. This run-up area measures 30 ft in length. At the end of the tumbling track there is a mat called the landing area. This mat is 20 ft long by 10ft wide. If desired, the gymnast may use a vaulting board to begin their pass. This may be placed either on the tumbling track or the run-up

Tumbling competitions consist of two rounds. The first of these is a qualifying round for all participants, and the second is the final round for the top eight participants or teams. In the qualifying round, every participant performs two passes. In the final round, individual competitors perform an additional two passes while teams perform one pass per member. Each pass comprises eight elements. The first element of a pass may begin on the run-up but must land on the tumbling

track. Passes are only allowed to move in the direction of the landing area. The pass has to be completed by landing the last element on the landing mat.

Tumbling passes are judged on two major components: difficulty and execution. Both are calculated to the tenth of a point. Scores are determined by a panel of eight judges.

Currently, the Tumbling is not an Olympic Sports but Trampoline is. The Tumbling and Trampoline are governed by FIG with World Games are being the top competition which are held every 4 years.

Prominent Power Tumblers in the modern era:

Kaden Brown(USA) @kadenmusprime

Aleksandr Lisitsyn(RUS) @l_i_s_007_

Vadim Afanasev(RUS) @afaska_2

Song Yang(CHN)

Elliot Browne(GBR) @elliott_browne

Jia Fangfang(CHN) @#jiafangfang

Anna Korobeinikova (RUS) @korobeinikova83

Shanice Davidson (GBR) @_shanicedavidson

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